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How do I make a call?
How do I make a call?
Updated over a week ago

Calling with Talk360 is easy! Make sure you have enough call credit and that you have a stable internet connection (mobile or WiFi).

Talk360 automatically syncs your contact list to the app, so you can simply pick a contact from your list. Alternatively, use the keypad to dial a phone number manually.

Please note that it is necessary to enter the phone number in the international phone number format by using a β€˜+’, or '00' followed by the country code, and then the rest of the phone number.

For example, the UK number +44 1632 960950 should be entered as +44 1632 960950 or 0044 1632 960950.

If you have more questions about making a call, please send us a message to Support via the app. Our support team is always ready to help you!

Tip! Check calling rates for your loved ones by going to 'Contacts' and tapping their name. The call rate per minute will be displayed under their phone number.

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