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How do I call Toll Free numbers?
How do I call Toll Free numbers?
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A toll-free number incurs no charges for the local caller. Instead, the call receiver pays the fee. These numbers are often provided by businesses for their customers to reach them without costs.

If you are abroad, you can simply use Talk360 to avoid international calling fees. Please note: Calling a toll-free number using Talk360 costs the normal rate of the country, instead of the mobile network's high rate.

Dialling an international toll-free number works the same as placing an international call to area code 1632. For example, to dial a toll-free number of a company in the UK, you would enter 0044 1632 XXX XXXX.

Some companies block international incoming calls even if you are using Talk360. In that case, we can verify if the company has blocked international calls from your country. Please send us a message to Support via the app, with the name and location of the company you are calling. Our support team is always ready to help you!

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